Coaching You How to

Take Priority of Your Life

This 8-session Life-Development Coaching Program is highly interactive and designed to help you understand how personal-growth concepts can be applied in your daily life.

Do you believe in personal growth?

Have you ever wondered how to turn a vague goal into something more specific?

Do you want to know what steps to take to achieve those specific goals?

If so, this program is the one for you!

What Will I Learn?


Rebuild & Understand Your Foundation

In Sessions 1 & 2, we will clarify your intentions for coaching and come to understand your needs by exploring: How Did I Get Here? Where and Who am I? and Where Do I Want to Go? You will also learn to define the events that trigger you to feel a sense of disempowerment (or lack of control); and understand how this leads to self-sabotaging behaviors that leave you in a state of imbalance.


Clarify Your Values and What You Want

Sessions 3 & 4 dive into thinking and feeling differently about yourself by defining your life based on what you do want, as a justification through your values. You will learn to envision your success by a willingness to see yourself as a reflection of your values.


Gain Empowerment

Sessions 5 and 6 will focus on aligning your thoughts, goals and behaviors with what you value. You will determine a way of being comfortable communicating with others in alignment with your values; and challenging future thoughts and behaviors, to influence the way you think about yourself more positively.


Build Your Roadmap to Success

Sessions 7 & 8 are all about implementing what you have learned! You become self-empowered; you become the authority in your life; and you say yes to whole-life balance and success! We create a plan and set goals that allow you to move from wandering aimlessly through life into a purpose-filled life. We release the Fear of Change, and we celebrate!!

Are you ready to expand your impact + income of your business in 2021?

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