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Working with a Life Development Coach or Professional Industry Consultant has been shown to help people achieve their goals by providing unique and personalized guidance.

Our trained professionals help individuals and/or groups navigate their way to a better life through the development of increased self-awareness, improved decision-making skills, and better relationships with others.

Life Development is all about taking responsibility for your life, your happiness, and your success. Our goal is to help people like you take control of your life!

How We Can Help


APLW | APTD consists of a team of coaches and consultants that specialize in a variety of practices to benefit individuals, groups, and organizations.

We believe our learners are experts in their own lives, but life development coaching is an excellent way to get guidance from someone outside your day-to-day routine who can see your situation objectively and provide another point of view. Life Development is about taking an honest look at yourself and finding ways to improve both the good and the bad.

Our three core focuses are rooted in personal, professional, and talent development.


Best Learning Experience

Proven Methodologies

Not just talking and lectures. Real homework. Real reflection. Built from evidence-based best practices.

Industry Experts

Certified Coaches and Proven Industry Experts, plus connections to trusted affiliate partners and resources.

Flexible & Convenient

Schedules that work on YOUR time, while still keeping you motivated and engaged in your plan.

Affordable Rates

Cost effective options to meet a variety of budgets, preferences, and life circumstances.

Tailored Services To
Meet Your Goals And Needs

Private Coaching

A coaching experience that is tailored to you and your specific needs. Your coach will be able to provide more focused feedback, with a personalized approach, as you work one-on-one through this journey of achieving goals, guided by what's best for YOU!


Feel safer and more comfortable in the environment you get to choose... maybe it's your car on your lunch break! It's whatever and wherever you select. You can even continue your growth plan while on vacation or traveling for work!

Group Coaching

Maintain the privacy of your intimate details with personal worksheets and self-reflection; but receive the benefit of exploring more general topics with others just like you! AND you share only what you are comfortable sharing...or not at all, it's your decision!


In today's world, there are many ways to learn. For our local learners, there may be opportunities to meet in-person and take part of a more personalized coaching experience. We strive to understand your learning needs and provide you the best opportunity for success!

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