Life Development Solutions

Life Development Coaching

Personal Development

Programs for those who want to improve their lives through developing individual skills, increasing self-awareness, and learning about the world around them.

Professional Development

Programs for those who want to focus on individual skills needed for workplace success, career change, advancement (resume writing), job search support (interviewing skills), etc.

Talent Development

Programs for individuals or organizations who want to excel in their profession through leadership development training, business coaching, specialized development of group training events, and more.

Workshops & Public Speaking

Custom Workshops

Our workshops are designed to motivate and inspire you to achieve personal and professional growth. We offer custom public speaking and coaching services that are tailored specifically for you, to help you reach your goals.

Speakers Bureau

Our experienced professionals will help you achieve your goals, and we offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching or want to participate in a group workshop, we can help you reach your target audience and make an impact.

Public Events

Our comprehensive list of public events will have you up and speaking in no time. With topics ranging from personal finance to effective communication, we have something for everyone. 

Online Courses & Web Events

Self-paced eLearning Opportunities

Our online programs offer an affordable, convenient, and flexible option for learning new skills at your own pace. With topics ranging from business to design to health and fitness, we have something for everyone.

Webinars | Podcasts | Video Learning

Listings of upcoming webinars and online conferences can be found here, so you can easily find what’s relevant to you and register. These events offer a convenient and affordable way to learn, with experts from all over the world presenting on a variety of topics.

Social Media & Social Learning

We provide links to a variety of helpful and informative groups, as well as learning opportunities that will help you build the life you want. Through engaging content and expert advice, you’ll learn how to harness the power of social media to reach your goals.

Free Tools & Resources

Our Blogs

A variety of valuable resources that can help you grow professionally and personally. Whether you’re looking for advice on starting your own business or tips for staying productive, our articles will provide you with the information you need to achieve success.

Monthly Mindsets

This is not your average “resolution” or “self-improvement” program. It’s something much more POWERFUL AND REWARDING. The Monthly Mindset is a lifelong learning and intellectual wellness journey for your personal and professional development.

Our Affiliates & Recommended Partners

We’ve got a comprehensive database of helpful resources, all linked up, so you can find what you need fast. Whether you’re looking for a great affiliate program, or simply want to connect with some top-notch professionals, you’ll find everything you need right here.

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