Personal Growth and Development 101


Life Development Coaching Package


Plan Your Life the Right Way … Your Way!

This life development coaching package includes:

Private Coaching with a Certified Life Development Coach

This custom designed training will teach you how to be yourself and become more confident about your life in just 8 steps!

– Benefit from flexible scheduling and expert collaboration
– Accessible technology to keep learning on the go and at times most convenient for your schedule
– Learn how to be yourself while becoming more confident about your life
– Stay motivated with help from your very own personal coach!

Personal Growth & Development – Foundations

• Begin to understand what’s really holding you back
• Develop the skills to value who you are and stop judging your worth on external factors
• Find out how to constructively express yourself without risk of violence or self-sabotage

Personal Growth & Development – Values

• Simplify the process of defining what you want in life
• Learn to embrace your true reflection of yourself
• Redefine success by personal values not societal norms
• Recognize what you don’t want so you can avoid pain and suffering

Personal Growth & Development – Empowered

• Finally feel empowered to achieve your goals
• Learn how to stop negative thoughts that are holding you back
• Find your blueprint for success and follow it
• Achieve deep alignment within yourself, reinforced by others

Personal Growth & Development – Success

• Transform your life by implementing what you have learned
• Become self-empowered and the authority in your life
• Avoid living a meaningless, wandering life filled with fear
• Create an action plan to reach fulfillment

You Don’t Need to be Perfect to Make the Most of Your Life

• We create a plan and set goals that allow you to move from wandering aimlessly through life into a purpose-filled life.
• We release the Fear of Change, and we celebrate!!

Discover who you are in eight steps and develop your life’s success strategy!

Purchase today, register for your session any time. Makes a perfect gift for friends and family too!!!

  • To claim your Coaching Package, call our office to set an appointment.
  • This package does not expire, however, substitutions may apply if used after 2022.
  • This package is transferable to out of state residents, as we meet via internet. 


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