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Plan Your Career the Right Way

This professional development coaching package includes:

Private Coaching Session with a Lifelong HR Industry-Expert Coach

– Benefit from flexible scheduling and expert collaboration
– Accessible technology to keep learning on the go and at times most convenient for your schedule
– Learn how to be yourself while becoming more confident about your professional image
– Stay motivated with help from your very own personal coach!

  • Career Planning Package
    Career Planning Package $200

    This package includes: Certified Coaching, Personalized Career Assessment, Professional Cover Letter, Complete Digital Resume, Career Path Planning Guide, and more!

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Personalized Career Assessment

Our tools and resources are evidence-based and will return results that provide you with a skills-match aligned to your preferences.

Professional Cover Letter and Resume

Based on the information you provide, our Coach will provide you with a written Cover Letter and Resume that is designed to get you noticed.

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Career Path Plan

The customized career plan includes job/industry recommendations aligned with your knowledge, skills, and abilities;

As well as personalized recommendations for refreshing your
professional image, so you can feel good about what you are sending potential employers.

You’re Ready to Make
A Lasting First Impression!

If you are looking for a job, your first step should be to create an effective cover letter and resume. You’ll also want to sharpen your image and have a solid understanding of the path you need to take to reach your goal

Resumes are also important for career advancement, among other things. The resume is essentially the impression you will give to employers about what kind of employee you would be.

This impression needs to be flawless because even one mistake can cost you the opportunity at landing that dream job. It’s also essential to know how resumes work in order to land more interviews and ultimately get hired faster!

Let our experts help!

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