"Whole-Life Balance for Whole-Life Wellness."

About Us

AP Life Wellness and affiliated services are owned by Amy Patrick Life and Wellness, LLC (APLW).

Our Mission, Vision, and Values are simple. 


In short, our mission is to guide you to find
balance in your quality of life.

We will provide you with the knowledge and
support to achieve your full potential.


We believe that through self-discovery and direction, you are able to focus on your positive qualities and strengths that will lead to whole-life balance.


Our values reflect eight primary pillars of whole-life wellness…


Emotional Intelligence
Empathy for Others
Optimistic Mindset


Safe Surroundings
Respect for Nature


Behavioral Financing
Debt Management
Future Planning


Lifelong Learning
Mind Exercise
Informed Decisions


Value Based Career
Engaged Development
Culture Contribution


Healthy Eating Habits
Physical Movement

Social / Relational

Healthy Relationships
Community Involvement
Respect for Diversity

Spiritual / Moral

Life Purpose
Healthy Belief Systems
Open Mindedness

Meet Amy

Without a clear goal, purpose, or focused intentions for her own life, founder Amy Patrick experienced herself on auto-pilot; caught in daily tasks, simply going through the motions, while exhausting herself to meet the needs of everyone around her. 

She then realized she was being defined by the needs and expectations of others. Amy found herself sick: mentally, socially, and physically unwell, and in a world of personal chaos.

April 2020, Amy took back control of her life and feeling called to redirect her 25+ years of Adult Education & Consulting experience to help others. 

Thus, Amy Patrick Life and Wellness, LLC was born and along with it, the AP Life Wellness Academy designed to guide you towards a more balanced life.

After significant research, education, and self-reflection, Amy decided to align with the values expressed and supported by the National Wellness Institute. APLW is additionally rooted in the best practices of Foundation for Financial Wellness, Global Wellness Institute, and evidence- based studies. 

Amy is a Certified Life Coach with focuses in transitional change, emotional intelligence, whole life wellness, and more. 

She graduated top of her class with a Master’s of Education degree and holds a Bachelor’s in Training, Development, and Organizational Behavior

Additionally, she is an expert in Instructional Design and Adult Learning theories and passionately believes that lifelong learning is key to lifelong growth across all areas of life. 


Our Coaches

Our Life Wellness Coaches are all certified in one or more modality of life coaching.
Many of them are industry experts with a wide array of professional and academic experience in their coaching modality.
Each course will include a Coach Bio for you to learn more about their experience with your module.