This Month We are Focusing on the Importance of Self-GratitudeNovember-Self-Gratitude-Challenge

Q1: What Are 3 Strengths You Can Think Of Right Away?

Self-gratitude can seem like a very difficult thing for some people…

Which is why it’s so significant that we dedicate focused time to get more comfortable with these questions about ourselves. Some of us may not be able to identify any strengths right away, but the goal here isn’t perfection – just awareness!

Throughout this series, we will use other questions to reflect and re-evaluate our strengths with a more informed perspective. A great place to start would be by writing down all your answers before moving on to the next question of this series.

This will help you realize how far you’ve come since starting on this journey of self-discovery. If your answers don’t yet align with things that make you feel good about yourself:

Try rephrasing the question until an answer feels right for you

Q2: What Are You Proud of in Your Life That Reflects Something You Like About Yourself?

Reflecting on things we are proud of, tells us what we have accomplished in our life.

However, YOU are not your accomplishments.
Accomplishments are things.
And YOU are so much more than your accomplishments.

Amy Patrick  |  Life Development Coach  |  @apLifeWellness

When reflecting on this question, it is important to capture the end of the question. That is what we want to gain a deeper understanding of with this question.

It is easy to get lost in what we do well at work or school, yet this can be deceiving because it doesn’t represent who YOU are as a whole person. Who you are, and the qualities that make you that special being, are what allowed you to achieve these accomplishments?

This may include things like your critical thinking skills (being able to solve problems), teamwork (helping others while working together), leadership (taking charge while also encouraging others).

This is significant because it reflects who YOU are as a complete person…not just your work performance or how you treat people.

It is the absolute something, that makes you unique!

Q3: What Do You Do Better Than Others?

It is important to know your strengths and what you are good at.

Another way this question can be phrased is, “What do I naturally excel in?”. 

A strength maybe your ability to relate with people on an emotional level, while someone else might have the innate talent or skill of making something from scratch using their hands.

Developing strengths allows each person to feel confident about who they are, as well as developing skills essential for future success. For some, this third question might be really easy…. others may find it difficult, but don’t let that stop you from writing down what comes into mind first.

Sometimes the things we struggle with the most, may even represent one of our strengths … if given an opportunity (i.e., If someone struggles with time management skills…they could have very good attention to detail).

To create meaningful relationships with others, we must understand ourselves first.

Reminder: Be Yourself. Accept Yourself. Love Yourself.
Reminder: Be Yourself. Accept Yourself. Love Yourself

Q4: What Do You Enjoy or Love Doing?

Reminder: It is always okay to take time to relax. #Balance
Reminder: It is always okay to take time to relax. #Balance

We usually enjoy what we are good at.​

Reflect on the things you enjoy and what that says about your strengths, values, and natural talents. When you get to the root of why you enjoy doing these things, you start to uncover the true nature of who you are and why that makes you so special!

Q5: What Small Things Do You Do, That You Find Extremely Satisfying?

What strengths could this point to?

Examples from everyday life might include organizing the dishwasher, helping people feel welcome, remembering to buy cards/gifts, using leftovers from last night’s meal.

When we know what it is that brings us joy in life, we allow ourselves greater opportunities to take on bigger tasks with confidence and motivation.

Week 1 Wrap Up

Reflect on your answers.

Did clarity in one area, bring a deeper understanding to an earlier question?

Our strengths are unique to everyone and can be used for different situations or circumstances.

For example, if your strength is being an excellent cook…you can use this talent during special occasions like hosting a dinner party with family members coming over or perhaps when cooking for yourself as you go on with everyday life.

What common themes or patterns did you notice in your answers?

Return to question 1 and list your top three strengths based on what you’ve learned about yourself this week.

Make it a habit to remind yourself regularly about these qualities you are grateful to have made you who you are.

Next Steps

  1. Join our November Self-Gratitude Challenge to get daily insight!
  2. Continue your daily self-gratitude reflection.
  3. Complete questions for week one (if you haven’t already)
  4. Stay Tuned for next week’s article:

“25 Steps to Increase Your Self-Gratitude: Week 2”

Consider how you are seen by others, then…

Draw connections to what that means about your unique gifts, value, and purpose in this life.

Amy Patrick  |  Life Development Coach  |  @apLifeWellness

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Thank you for journeying with me this month through these twenty-five steps toward more gratitude!

I hope they prove helpful along this journey towards greater self-love and connection within yourself. It doesn’t happen overnight—but it does happen with time, persistence, and the right set of directions.

Blessings, ~ Amy

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