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Personal & Professional Development

When we have the right tools for living, we are happier.

At APLW, we understand that self-development isn’t limited to spending an hour a week, talking about yourself. Our Coaches help you:

    • Find your foundation & clear the clutter
    • Discover what makes you truly fulfilled in life
    • Get the tools to take active control of your life
    • Learn and develop skills meant for lifelong  success
    • Create your road map that will get you there
    • Enjoy your new journey!

Need a new job? Let us find the perfect one for you! ..... Personal life not going as planned? We can help. ..... Looking to grow your business and increase revenue? We got that too!

Reach out to us for direction. Whether you’re looking for career counseling, relationship advice or simply want some perspective on your daily life - we have the right resource here!

Amy Patrick

Our coaches will discuss what life success means, and how you can achieve it!

  • Find balance in your life to reach your goals!
  • Focus on what matters most to you!
  • Private, Group, Remote, and Self-Paced options!

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Online Courses & Web Events

Our high-quality courses are built by experienced Coaches who understand the challenges faced by those seeking happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Through intensive training and years of experience, our coaches assure you obtain the tools needed for a quality education and lifetime success.

Free Tools & Resources

Every person has their own path to reaching their goals; we empower you with choice through personalization. Our online resources make it possible for you to customize your learning experience so that it is most effective. You have access to all of our support mechanisms at any time, completing your studies on your own schedule, so you can continue forward without interruption.

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APLW is a Life-Development Coaching Firm

Our unique approach, helps you discover the best Coach or Resource for your needs.

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More From Our Founder…

Let’s get to know one another…

~Amy Patrick, Founder

People often ask me how I came to the decision to become a Life Development Coach and, more specifically, specialize in personal development, self-care, and work-life balance.
To be honest, it was never a conscious choice that I made. I never planned on being a life coach…but
In early 2020 I realized how much I had allowed my old career to take over. My health and relationships were in significant decline; and there were things I could no longer give of myself. Something had to change. 
Slowing down, inspecting my foundation, and possibly rebuilding everything from the bottom up terrified me!
But persisting?… That would put me at serious physical and mental health risk, and that frightened me far more. So it was necessary to slow things down a bit.
Now, I’m still on this path, and it’s the greatest one for me. Since I’ve learned how to better care for myself and my family, the journey has been amazing! 
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